It’s Recruiting Season…Here’s What to Do

It’s Recruiting Season…Here’s What to Do

Your weekly recruiting newsletter is back after a hiatus over the summer. And, recruiting season is here.

More agents will switch companies over the next few months than at any other time during the year.

The challenge with recruiting season is many brokerages and teams either start recruiting now or they double down on their efforts. As a result, desirable agents receive a tsunami of calls, texts, and emails.

It’s difficult for any individual recruiter to get his or her message heard.

So, here are three often-overlooked strategies that will help you hire productive agents during this competitive, yet critical, time of year.

Strategy #1 – Multiple Marketing/Prospecting Channels

You don’t want to rely on a single marketing or prospecting channel because your message might not break through the noise.

Yes, you need to pick up the phone and make both cold and warm calls. But, you also want to use some combination of text, email, direct mail, social media, or networking (i.e. visiting open houses).

The more channels you use, the more likely agents hear and respond to your message.

Strategy #2 – Rising and Falling Stars

You can bank on the fact agents doing more than $2 million in volume will attract the attention of multiple brokerages.

The agents who won’t attract much attention, but who are excellent prospects nonetheless, are the rising and falling stars.

Rising stars are agents who are relatively new to the business and have completed a respectable number of transactions.

They have potential but are often overlooked because they don’t yet have the volume numbers most brokerages want.

On the flip side, falling stars are agents who’ve had a tough year.

They’ve produced in the past but because of personal reasons, a lack of focus, or just bad luck their production has dropped.

Assuming these agents want to turn things around, they’re ripe for recruiting. A change in brokerage can give them the fresh start they need to return to their previous production levels.

Finding rising and falling stars is much easier with a program like BrokerMetrics. If you’re serious about recruiting, I recommend you explore it.

Strategy #3 – Team Members

Most team leaders put all the team’s production under their names.

So, there are capable team members who might feel dissatisfied with their current situation, yet they aren’t recruited because they show zero production.

Some of those team members might want to break out on their own. Others just might want to find a new team to join.

Either way, you can find great agents who are completely overlooked by other recruiters.

Before I close, I have a question for you…

Do you want to recruit agents to your team or brokerage but struggle to make the recruiting calls?

If so, we can help.

Our Recruiting Calls Program is now open again after being closed for the summer. And, as a result of a successful pilot program, we now make calls for both brokerages AND teams.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you grow your brokerage or team by making your recruiting calls for you, use this link now to book an exploratory call:

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