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Hi, I’m Drew Peterson, a husband, father of three, and the Founder of Peterson Real Estate Solutions.

I started my career in Corporate America – with a job I hated with every fiber of my body…

Eight months into the job, a buddy of mine told me about a RE/MAX franchise owner who wanted help recruiting agents.

I had ZERO experience in real estate. I didn’t know a thing about recruiting. And, I’d only had five days of sales training in my entire life.


I was desperate to get out, so I took the job and moved across the state.

One week later, I wondered if I had just made a HUGE mistake…

Cold calling was not fun. Most agents had no time for me and ignored my calls.

I was failing. Miserably.

But I knew that there was no way I was going back to the corporate world. I hated the idea of being a drone in a cubicle.

There was no other option but to figure this “recruiting thing” out.

So I studied.

I studied marketing and prospecting and networking and cold calling. I spent hours brainstorming with my broker… searching for something that would get agents to meet with me.

Some of my ideas worked. Most didn’t.

But over time, something amazing started to happen.

The more I experimented, the more a pattern began to emerge. There were certain strategies that predictably generated appointment after appointment.

Slowly but surely, I incorporated these strategies into a system.

This system…

  • Put me at the front of the prospects’ minds

  • Made them aware of how unsatisfied they were with their current companies

  • Allowed me to reach them at exactly the right time and with the right information to make them want to join

Well, guess what happened?

The system worked so well I recruited 53 agents in my first year. It was the most agents recruited by any RE/MAX franchise in the state during that time period.

The system was more effective than I ever imagined.

In fact, after I left recruiting I used a nearly identical prospecting system to become one of the top 250 agents in the nation.

Opportunities to speak and coach soon followed. With them came an unexpected realization…

Teaching my system to others was a whole lot more rewarding than using it myself.

After all, I knew the frustration and disappointment of struggling to get agents to meet with me.

But I also knew the relief and excitement that come with finding a better way.

Now, my team and I are privileged to share our recruiting system with some of the top real estate brokerages in the nation.

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