How to Follow Up with Agents Who Didn’t Join

How to Follow Up with Agents Who Didn’t Join

Let’s say you have a recruiting appointment with a prospect but she doesn’t join. And, you’re unable to get her to commit to a second meeting.

What do you do next?

How do you follow up with that prospect over time to build the relationship and eventually turn her “no” into a “yes”?

You can’t just “check-in” every few weeks. That gets annoying fast.

You also can’t hound her by repeatedly asking, “Are you ready to join yet?” That’ll only cause her to stop responding to you.

Instead, here are five strategies you can use to follow up over time and get that prospect to join.

#1: Post-Appointment Note

There is no better start to the follow-up process than a handwritten note mailed the day of the recruiting appointment.

In your note, thank the prospect for meeting and let her know you enjoyed the conversation. Tell her you intend to stay in touch and that you would be honored to have her join your company.

#2: Item of Value

During your recruiting appointment, you uncovered the prospect’s goals, plans, challenges, and obstacles. Use that information to send her a relevant item of value every few weeks.

Items of value are training materials, articles, books, podcasts, videos, or anything else the prospect might find helpful.

For best results, send the item of value and then follow up a few days later with a phone call to discuss it.

#3: Congratulatory Note

Set up a search on the MLS to notify you whenever the prospect closes a transaction. Then, for each closed deal, send a handwritten congratulatory note.

You can also connect with the prospect on social media and send notes when she posts about awards, milestones, or other accomplishments.

#4: Invitation to an Event

If you hold training classes, masterminds, award ceremonies, or social/networking functions, invite the prospect to one or more them.

There are few better ways for her to experience what you offer than by attending one of your company’s events.

#5: Invitation to an Appointment

The final way you can follow up with the prospect is to invite her to another appointment.

But, because asking to meet too often could drive the prospect away, you want to be selective with your invitations.

One good way to ask for another appointment is to invite the prospect to coffee or lunch to catch up. You’re more likely to get a “yes” to an informal meeting at a neutral location than you are a formal interview at your office.

I would also recommend you ask for another appointment whenever you have a new service, commission plan, training program, etc.

New information can reignite the prospect’s interest in your company and provide the catalyst to get her to join.


P.S. – You must follow up with prospects at least once every 90 days. After 90 days with no contact, the relationship begins to deteriorate.

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