What to Do When You Hit a Recruiting Plateau

What to Do When You Hit a Recruiting Plateau

Recruiting plateaus are frustrating. You’re consistently growing year after year and then suddenly, the growth stops. And it feels like no matter what you do, your agent count won’t budge.

A recruiting plateau can happen when turnover rate matches growth rate (i.e. # of agents in = # of agents out). It can happen when a brokerage grows to the point where the day-to-day consumes the staff’s time and attention. Or, a plateau can happen when a brokerage’s recruiting message grows stale from overuse.

If you feel you’ve hit a recruiting plateau, the one thing you don’t want to do is more of the same. Instead, use the following strategies to break through your plateau.

Strategy #1 – Change the Message

If you’ve used roughly the same recruiting message for years, it’s time to switch things up.

Hold a meeting with your staff and make a list of the main reasons you believe agents should join your company. Ask your agents why they choose to stick around.

Your research should uncover common themes, phrases, and concepts you can use to replace your current, stale recruiting message.

Strategy #2 – Change the Channel

Do you use the same one or two methods to recruit? If so, start experimenting with different ways to reach agents.

Instead of writing notes, make calls. Instead of email, use social media. Try texting if you haven’t tried it before.

Different agents respond to different marketing channels. When you get stuck in your recruiting comfort zone, you miss the opportunity to reach a new set of potential recruits.

Strategy #3 – Change the Product

Launching a major new service, program, or technology platform is a great way to reinvigorate your recruiting. When the agents in your market assume they know what you offer, they don’t feel compelled to meet with you.

Launching something new gives you a reason to reach out to agents and it gives agents a reason to want to meet with you.

Strategy #4 – Change the People

No, I’m not suggesting you fire anyone. But, you might need to hire extra staff, outsource certain aspects of the recruiting process, or get your existing staff more involved with recruiting.

Bringing a fresh set of eyes to the recruiting process is often what’s needed to break through a plateau. It’s also the best option when you’re swamped managing the day-to-day.

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