How to Find the Time to Recruit AND Sell, Manage, or Train

How to Find the Time to Recruit AND Sell, Manage, or Train

Do you want to grow your brokerage but struggle to find the time to recruit?

If so, you’re not alone.

Most owners and managers I speak with have more on their plates than just recruiting.

Some sell. Some manage. Some train.

And some do all the above.

If recruiting is a priority for you but time is a challenge, here are four steps you can take to grow your brokerage without sacrificing your other responsibilities.

Step #1 – Make 3 Lists

Set aside an hour one morning to create three separate lists.

On your first list, write down all the tasks you don’t enjoy doing. Include even the items you think are “part of the job”.

On your second list, write down the tasks you don’t know how to do.

These can be items you’re struggling to do because of a lack of knowledge or experience. Or, they can be items you feel you should be doing but aren’t because you don’t know how.

On your final list, write down the tasks you shouldn’t be doing.

And be honest with yourself.

For example, you might be able to create your own marketing materials and do your own transaction coordination. But, that doesn’t mean you should create your own marketing materials and do your own transaction coordination.

Invest the time to make your three lists as comprehensive as possible. Revisit them periodically over the course of a week to ensure you’ve captured tasks from all your responsibilities.

Step #2 – Eliminate

Once you’ve completed your lists, the next step is to review them and identify tasks neither you nor anyone else should be doing.

The single easiest way to get control of your schedule is to eliminate time-wasting activities from your day.

Here are a few examples of common time-wasters:

  • Checking social media on a regular basis

  • Updating a website or blog no one visits or reads

  • Writing the same or similar emails repeatedly (use templates)

  • Sorting emails manually (use rules)

  • Sending flyers, postcards, or other marketing materials that don’t produce measurable results

Step #3 – Delegate

The next step after eliminating time-wasters from your day is to identify the tasks you can delegate to someone else.

And if you currently have one or more staff members, you’ll want to start with delegating to them.

Here are a few common examples of tasks your staff can handle:

  • Locating the contact information, social media profiles, and production numbers for your recruiting prospects

  • Posting to your website, blog and/or social media (provided this drives business)

  • Creating the company e-newsletter or training calendar

  • Scheduling, rescheduling, and confirming recruiting appointments

If there are tasks you cannot delegate to your current staff, or if you don’t have a staff, consider hiring a freelancer.

In today’s world of the gig economy, side hustles, and virtual-everything, you can delegate just about any task. TaskRabbit, Fiverr, Upwork, and are great places to start. 

Step #4 – Schedule

Now that you’ve freed up time by eliminating or delegating tasks, you can invest that newfound time in recruiting.

And that means putting recruiting on your calendar. Schedule it and keep it sacred.

I have some clients who prefer time-blocking. They’ll set aside an hour or two each day and do as much recruiting as they can during that time.

Other clients prefer to schedule a set number of recruiting tasks at a specific time. They work until they’ve completed the tasks, regardless of how much time those tasks take.

Find a scheduling strategy that works for you and stick with it.

Because if you don’t set aside your newfound time for recruiting, it’ll amaze you how quickly that time gets hijacked by your other responsibilities.


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Fyi, we hired one from your program last week that is joining December 16th after a couple closings and I have several more 2nd meetings scheduled. This has been fun!

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