Use Success Stories to Upgrade Your Recruiting Appointments

Use Success Stories to Upgrade Your Recruiting Appointments

Want to upgrade your recruiting appointments so you can hire more agents in fewer meetings?

If so, then you want to start using success stories. They’re the single most-effective way to demonstrate to prospects why they should join your company.

In case you aren’t familiar with success stories, they’re tales of how you’ve helped your agents succeed. And while you might think success stories sound the same as testimonials, there are a few important differences.

Testimonials vs. Success Stories

The first major difference between testimonials and success stories is testimonials are statements from your agents about you. Success stories are statements from you about your agents.

The second difference is testimonials are presented in print or on video. Success stories are shared verbally.

Finally, testimonials are better suited for use on your website, in marketing materials, and on social media. Success stories are best suited when you’re face-to-face or on the phone with a prospect.

Compiling Success Stories

Before you can use success stories in your recruiting appointments, you must first compile them.

Start by asking as many of your current agents and employees as possible for their stories. Then, review your agent roster and production numbers.

As you’re looking through the names, do any success stories jump out at you? Are there any agents who had marked increases in GCI, volume, and/or units?

Although success stories about increasing an agent’s business are the most powerful, not every story needs to be tied to numbers. For example, you could demonstrate how you support your agents by sharing a story of a time you saved an agent’s deal at 9:00 on a Sunday night.

Structuring Success Stories

Once you have at least three to five success stories, you’ll want to ensure they’re properly structured before you use them in appointments.

An effective success story has three parts:

1.) Your agent has a problem.

2.) Your agent seeks a solution to that problem through you and/or a product or service your brokerage offers.

3.) Your agent experiences the positive results of the solution.

Success Story Example

As an example of a success story, let’s say one of your agents comes to you for help getting more listings. You give her a couple of specific prospecting suggestions and encourage her to attend a few of your upcoming training classes.

The agent uses your prospecting suggestions and takes a new listing just days later. She also attends the training classes you recommended.

Within six months of completing the classes, the agent has taken twice as many listings as in the six months prior to coming to you for help.

Now, when you share your success stories you’ll want to add more detail. My example is stripped down for the sake brevity.

Upgrading your recruiting appointments is as simple as compiling a few powerful success stories. If you find yourself struggling to persuade agents to join, get started on your stories today.

P.S. – If you want evidence of the power of success stories, look at multi-level marketing companies like Mary Kay and Herbalife. They attract scores of members purely by sharing the stories of a handful of affiliates who’ve made tons of money and taken luxurious vacations.

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