Struggling to Close the Deal with Agents You Want to Recruit?

Struggling to Close the Deal with Agents You Want to Recruit?

Do you struggle to close the deal with the agents you want to recruit?

And by “close the deal”, I mean do you struggle with getting appointments, getting agents to join, or both?

I’m asking because when I took an informal survey of brokers a few weeks ago, they reported closing the deal was one of their top challenges.

So today I’m going to give you the three keys to successfully getting appointments and hires with the agents you want to recruit.

Key #1 – Uncover or Create Urgency

One of the unique things about recruiting is every agent needs a brokerage, yet every agent has a brokerage (we’re talking experienced agents here).

So, although every agent needs your services in theory, in practice they all have the option of staying put.

And make no mistake about it, most agents will choose to stay put even when they’re unhappy with their current brokerage.

Unless, that is…

They have an urgent reason to switch.

Now, sometimes, you’ll get lucky and call or meet with an agent who has an existing, urgent reason to switch companies.

When that’s the case, your only job is to persuade the agent to switch to your company.

But in most cases, agents won’t have an existing, urgent reason to meet or move.

And that means you need to uncover or create the urgency yourself.

One way to do that is by asking questions and digging into an agent’s current situation:

  • Is her cap about to reset?

  • Does she need to make more money to cover things like college or retirement?

  • Is she sacrificing her personal life and family time because she’s overwhelmed?

Another way to create urgency is by offering incentives, perks, or bonuses for joining that expire after a certain date.

Key #2 – Talk Results

I brought this up last week when discussing commission competition and objections about splits and fees (click here if you missed it).

Agents want to know what results they can expect from joining your brokerage.

And, talking results will differentiate you from all the other brokerages who only talk about generic things like training, brand, or support.

So, can you help agents make more money? How much?

Can you help them reclaim their weekends or spend more time with their families?

What about saving them from having to cold call or door knock?

Share the results you’re able to get agents and you’ll have a much easier time getting appointments and hires.

Key #3 – Focus on the Process

You can’t control whether agents agree to recruiting appointments with you.

You can’t control whether agents join your company.

The only thing you can control is the process.

So, be consistent with your prospecting and marketing.

Consistency is key to getting appointments because you never know when agents’ situations will change.

And to hire more of the agents you meet with, hone your sales skills and always have a concrete follow-up scheduled with anyone who doesn’t join during the first meeting.

Because if you focus on the process, the results will take care of them themselves.

P.S. - If you struggle to get appointments because you either don’t have the time or don’t enjoy making recruiting calls, we can help.

We have a program where we make your calls for you so you can get a steady stream of recruiting appointments with productive agents.

If you’d like to learn more about the program, comment below or send me an email at and I’ll send you the details.

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