Uncovering the Biggest Recruiting Call Myths

Uncovering the Biggest Recruiting Call Myths

My company hit a major milestone earlier this month. We had our 10,000th conversation with an agent as part of our recruiting calls program.

When you have 10,000 recruiting conversations with productive agents, you learn a few things.

And when you have 10,000 recruiting conversations with productive agents from all over the country, in big markets and small, and associated with brokerages ranging from major brands to mom-and-pop independents, you learn even more.

In particular, you learn many commonly held beliefs about recruiting calls are actually myths.

Here are the four biggest recruiting call myths we uncovered.

Myth #1: You Must Do Pre-Call Research

You can get recruiting opportunities without knowing anything specific about the agents you’re calling. I know this because we do zero pre-call research as part of our program yet we’ve identified more than 1200 agents open to switching companies.

Now, don’t get me wrong, pre-call research can improve your odds of success on the phone. But, it’s far from necessary and is rarely worth the investment of time required to do it.

Pre-call research is best saved for when you’re making calls to agents you already know are open to switching companies, not when you’re making calls to see if agents might be interested in switching companies.

Myth #2: The Goal of Recruiting Calls Is to Get Appointments

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but getting appointments is not the goal of making recruiting calls. Uncovering interest is the goal of making recruiting calls.

There are all kinds of things you can say and do to get appointments with agents who have zero interest in making a move. But, success in recruiting isn’t about the quantity of your appointments, it’s about the quality of your appointments.

If you focus on uncovering interest when you’re making calls, quality appointments will come as a natural byproduct.

Myth #3: What Works There Won’t Work Here

This is the “special snowflake” excuse some brokers use to explain why a recruiting call system, program, or script won’t work for them even though it’s proven effective in other markets.

Yes, every market is different. But when it comes to recruiting, some things are universal.

For example, agents everywhere want to earn a solid living (however they define that), have time off, and work with the “right” clients.

So, recruiting call systems, programs, and scripts that tap into those universal desires will work in every market, everywhere.

Myth #4: You Cannot Outsource Recruiting Calls Because Agents Expect You to Make Them

I saved this myth for last because it’s the most pervasive.

Many brokers believe they must be the ones to make the recruiting calls. Otherwise, they fear agents will wonder why they’re too busy to make the calls themselves.

In more than 10,000 conversations, we’ve had exactly three agents ask us, “if (client name) wants to recruit me, then why isn’t he the one calling me?”

In the other 9,997 conversations, the agents had no issue with the fact we were making the calls.

P.S. - Don’t like making recruiting calls? Or, don’t have the time to make them?

Let us make your calls for you.

All you have to do to get a steady stream of recruiting appointments is email me at Drew@PetersonRES.com and let me know you’re interested.

We’ll set up a time to discuss the details of the calls program and how it can help you recruit productive agents.

So please email me now. Because I only have three open spots and I’m closing the program as soon as they’re filled.

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