Don’t Let This Common Agent Response Trip You Up

Don’t Let This Common Agent Response Trip You Up

A few days ago, Nick Baldwin, one of the founders of the Lab Coat Agents Facebook group, posted the following:

💥Lead Gen Tip:

"One of the most common objections I hear from prospects is, 'Oh, I'm not ready yet. I'm at least six months out.' Six months is the magic number. That objection is the equivalent of someone in a department store telling an employee, 'No thanks,' when they are asked if they need help. Nine times out of 10 the customer ends up going back to that same employee asking for help.

In reality, if someone says they are 6 months out, they can most likely make a purchase today. Treat them as if they are ready to make an offer right now. Set up a buyer consult, educate them on the process, etc. The sooner you get in front of them, the more likely you are to convert."

So true.

And you know what?

The exact same advice applies to recruiting.

How many times have agents told you they’ll consider making a switch in “six months”, “at the end of the year”, or “after things settle down”?

I know we hear those responses all the time when we’re making recruiting calls on behalf of our clients.

And as Nick said, if someone says they’re six months out from considering a switch, they can most likely consider a switch today.

Now, I’m not saying they’ll make the switch today. There may be factors outside the agent’s control that prohibit an immediate join.

But you can certainly start building the relationship and moving the recruiting process forward today.

Ask the agent’s permission to include her on your e-newsletter (if you have one) or company training calendar.

Invite her to a “get to know you” coffee, lunch, or happy hour.

Offer to let her sit in on your company training sessions or sales meetings.

Or, if you really want to increase your odds of recruiting her, invite her to an appointment.

Yes, I realize she said she was six months out from considering making a switch, but consider this…

What do most agents tell you at the end of recruiting appointments after you ask them to join?

“I need to think about this.”


So now perform a bit of recruiting judo and ask the agent if she’ll want time to consider her options before deciding on a new brokerage.

Odds are high she’ll say yes.

Then all you need to do is ask:

“So it sounds like it makes sense for us to meet sooner rather than later, right? After all, the sooner we meet, the more time you’ll have to consider your options before making a decision.”

Treat every agent as if they’re ready to make a move today and your conversion numbers will skyrocket.

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