Do Your Prospects Know What You Offer?

Do Your Prospects Know What You Offer?

I was doing an onboarding call with a new client the other day and he said something that made me cringe:

“I’ve been reading your emails for about a year now. But, I didn’t realize until a couple weeks ago that you actually did recruiting.”


See, my goal with these articles is to 1) build relationships by providing valuable information and 2) use them to communicate my company’s offerings.

I did my job of building the relationship. The broker’s been reading my emails for a year.

But, I failed to do a good job of communicating what my company offers. Because until recently the broker thought all we did was coaching and consulting.

And while we do work one-on-one with brokers to help them build successful recruiting programs, we also do recruiting.

We offer a service where we make recruiting calls on your behalf to generate interest and set appointments with productive agents in your market.

But this broker didn’t know about the calls service until recently because I made the mistake of assuming I’d clearly communicated my company’s offerings.

I share this story with you because I want to help you avoid making that same mistake.

Right now, I’m betting you have relationships with agents in your market who don’t know what you offer.

And it’s tempting to believe that because you have those relationships, the agents will approach you should they ever decide to switch companies.

Maybe they will and maybe they won’t.

But either way, that’s reactive recruiting. You want to be proactive.

Because some of those agents might be willing to switch today if you clearly communicate what you can offer them.

So, here’s your homework.

Consider the agents in your market you have relationships with…

Are you 100% sure they know exactly what you can offer them?

If you have even the slightest doubt, pick up the phone.

You don’t want to make the same mistake I made and assume everyone knows what you offer.

P.S. - Last week I asked the subscribers to my weekly recruiting emails to send me their recruiting goals for 2018 and their single biggest recruiting challenges.

In case you’re curious, the range of recruiting goals was from 4 to 60. The most common goals were 5, 10, and 24.

And, the top 3 biggest challenges your peers reported were:

1.) Commission (both overcoming objections about plans and competing against “cheaper” brokerages)

2.) Closing the deal (how to get agents to make the switch after meeting with them)

3.) Time (finding the time to do recruiting when you’re also selling and/or managing the brokerage)

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